Master of Science in Urban Affairs (MSUA)

Program Overview

The MS in Urban Affairs program contains a flexible curriculum that launches students into the study of cities and the urban environment. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to tailor their education to career aspirations and/or interests of their own choosing. The program is designed to accommodate both full and part-time attendees. It can be completed in either two full semesters and a summer session or over a longer period of time. In combining both theory and practice, the program seeks to foster an understanding of urbanism while teaching practical skills to prepare students for the changing urban environment.

Our students are drawn from a diverse population locally, nationally and internationally. While most have been out of college for some time and many are already in the midst of their careers, an increasing number are arriving one or two years out of college. Most plan or are pursuing careers in the public and non-profit sectors. Students may substitute courses from other departments and/or CUNY schools that more appropriately address their substantive interest for the course listed in each of the Required Disciplines.

Program Director: Jill Simone Gross, PhD

Course Requirements & Electives

A wide variety of courses are offered each semester in the Department, including special topics courses to meet the requirements. Students are encouraged to consult course listings in other departments within Hunter in which to take classes that are in line with their course of study. Up to 9 credits can be taken outside of Urban Affairs and Planning in other departments at Hunter or within the CUNY system.

The MSUA Degree Requirements Worksheet is also available as a PDF.

Core Requirements (all three):

  • URBG 790 Urban Development Workshop (formerly Workshop I)
  • URBG 792 Urban Affairs Capstone (formerly Urban Affairs Seminar)
  • URBG 775 Urban Affairs Internship

Political Structure Requirement (select one):

  • URBG 702 Structure of the Urban Region
  • URBG 758 Governing the City
  • URBG 787.18 Political Economy of Cities
  • URBP 734 Environmental Planning

Methods/Skills Requirement (select one):

  • URBG 791 Grant writing and Fundraising Practicum
  • URBG 710 Urban Data Analysis
  • GTECH 709 GIS Mapping


There are three designated areas of specialization — public policy, non-profits management, neighborhood development — from which nine credits of coursework must be taken. For more information on course options for each specialization, please refer to page two of the MSUA Degree Requirements Worksheet. With the approval of the program director, students may develop their own specializations.