Master of Science in Urban Affairs (MSUA)/Master of Science in Urban Policy and Leadership (MSUPL)


From: Prof. Jill Simone Gross, Director Graduate Programs in Urban Affairs

To: Current and Incoming Urban Affairs Students

Date: July 15, 2015

Re: An exciting development for our program and its implications for you

As all now know, after several years of planning and development, the Urban Affairs program will begin undergoing some changes in the fall 2015 semester – a new name for our Degree, a new name for our Program.

New Program Name: Graduate Program in Urban Policy and Leadership

New Degree Name: Master of Science in Urban Policy and Leadership

We believe that these changes will enhance the program, and will also clarify the nature of the degree to incoming students and to prospective employers.

Please read carefully! Any student applying for admission spring 2016 or beyond please follow degree requirements for the MS in Urban Policy and Leadership program.

Students who are currently in the program and those admitted to start in September 2015 now have a choice

1.  Make no changes and continue along the path that you initially started in pursuit of the Master of Science in Urban Affairs (MSUA). Requirements unchanged!

2.  Opt to fulfill the requirements for the new Master of Science in Urban Policy and Leadership (MSUPL), see link below.

For current and incoming students opting for “choice # 2” – complete the MSUPL. The following is a summary of the key changes:

1. Take one of the new introductory courses depending on concentration:

a.URBG 701 Introduction to Organization and Management for the Public Sector — An introduction to organizational structures and theories, with attention to the identification and analysis of management challenges that organizations face when seeking to carry out public purposes in urban settings. (Required for those concentrating in Non Profit Management). *We have just added this course for the fall Semester, it is being offered Thursday evening at 7:45 and does not conflict with any other courses being offered (Prof. Anthony Maniscalco will be teaching the course in the fall)

b. URBG 700 Introduction to Urban Policy Processes — An introduction to policy processes in an urban context with attention to issues of formulation, functionality, evaluation and implementation. (Required for those concentrating in public policy) — *This new course will be introduced in the Spring semester. Please also note that this is not the same as URBG 706 Introduction to Policy Analysis. URBG 706 is a methods course that teaches students various ways to do policy analysis, while URBG 700 is an introduction to the field of urban policy with a focus on policy processes from agenda setting to implementation in an urban context.

c. Students concentrating in neighborhood development or creating a concentration of their own design may take either one of these courses. This should be discussed with an advisor.

d.Public Policy students who are graduating at the end of the fall 2015 semester, that wish to graduate with the MSUPL Degree must take URBG 701 regardless of their concentration, as URBG 700 will not be offered until the spring 2016.

e. If you are not graduating at the end of the fall, but are interested in taking both introductory courses, you may take one as an elective and other as a part of your required core

2.  URBG 775 Urban Affairs Internship will not be a requirement for MSUPL It will be an open elective that we will continue to strongly encourage students to take, particularly    students who are new to the field or career changing.

3. Additional Methods course. MSUPL students will be required to take two methods courses rather than one.

4. The number of unrestricted elective classes you may take has been reduced to 2 courses, however your concentration continues to require 3 electives.

5. All other program requirements remain unchanged. 36 credits total.

Below you will find course planning sheets for both the MSUPL Degree Path and a reminder of what is required for the MSUA Degree path. I have also included information on how to sequence courses in the future as we begin phasing out the MSUA and phase in the MSUPL Degree.

MS Urban Policy and Leadership (MSUPL) Curriculum Summary and Suggestions for Course Sequencing for New Students opting to complete the MSUPL

MSUPL Degree Requirements (For current students interested in changing to the new degree and all new applicants to the program)

MS Urban Affairs (MSUA) Curriculum Summary

MSUA Degree Requirements (Only for students admitted prior to Spring 2016 semester)